Meet the project team

  • Enseignante chercheur à l’ENCGA, Université IBN   ZOHR
  • Responsible for the Project on Cooperatives of the SM region
  • Head of the Entrepreneurship and SSE Research Team 
  • Head of Professional License MOESS
  • Membre du CIRIEC
  • Areas of expertise: SSE, Finance, Audit and Accounting
  • Contact :

Project manager

Khadija Angade

  • Teacher Researcher at the FSJES of Agadir, IBN ZOHR University
  • Member of the SM Region Cooperative Project
  • Speaker in the MOESS Professional License
  • Areas of expertise: Management control, Accounting, Audit, EHS
  • Contact :


Team member

Mustapha Boumeska

  • Teacher-researcher at ENCGA, IBN ZOHR University

  • Co-leader of the Collective Entrepreneurship Project and DD case of the SM Region

  • Head of the Entrepreneurship Research Team Innovation marketing and SD in VSMEs

  • Member of the International Association: Overseas Arabic Alliance for Creativity.

  • Trainer at the International Center for Training and Translation accredited by UNESCO

  • Areas of expertise: Marketing, Innovation, Team MGT and DD

Team member

Fatima Elkandoussi

  • Teacher-researcher at the FSJES Aïn Chock, HASSAN II University

  •  Member of the SM Region Cooperative Project

  • Member of the Business Intelligence, Organizational Governance, Finance and Financial Crime Laboratory BIGOFCF

  • Skill Areas: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Statistics and Probability

  • Contact :

Team member


  • Research teacher at FLSH, IBN ZOHR University
  • Areas of expertise: History, New technologies of heritage management, Sufism and Zaouia, SSE, Territorial Development
  • Contact :
Team member


  • Teacher-researcher at FSJES CUAM, IBN ZOHR University
  • Member of the scientific committee of the International Alliance of
  • he International Alliance of Interdisciplinary Research Centers (AICRI)
  • Areas of expertise: SSE, CSR, Marketing, DD
  • Contact :


Team member


  • Teacher-researcher at SUPDECO Marrakech
  • Head of Specialized Management Sector SUPDECO Marrakech
  • Member of the MPESS laboratory
  • Member of the Project "Collective entrepreneurship vector of sustainable development: case of the cooperatives of Souss Massa"
  • Areas of expertise: SSE, Finance, Audit and Accounting
  • Contact :
Team member


  • Teacher Researcher 
  • Head of the research team on Innovative Techniques and Expert Decision Systems
  • Competence Area: Computer Science, Astrophysics and High Energy Physics
  • Contact :
Team member


  • Teacher-researcher at the FSJES Ait Melloul, IBN ZOHR University
  • Consultant in Management, HRM, Career Retraining, CSR & DD, Personal Development and Capacity Building.
  • Areas of expertise: CSR, DD, SSE, HRM, Management.
  • Contact :
Team member


  • Teacher-researcher at ESTK- Sultan Moulay Slimane University- Beni Mellal

  • Areas of expertise: HRM-CSR-Social Audit


Team member

Mouna Elmousadik

  • Research Professor at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, IBN ZOHR University
  • Areas of expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems
  • Contact :
Team member

Ali Rachidi

  • Teacher-researcher at the FSJES ​- ​Ait Melloul, IBN ZOHR University

  • Doctorate in Management Sciences and Techniques

  • Area of expertise: Finance, management control and Accounting

  • Contact :

Team member


  • Teacher-researcher at EMAA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  • Areas of expertise: Finance, Management control
  • Contact :

Team member


  • PhD student at ENCGA, Ibn ZOHR University
  • Part-time teacher at ENCGA / MOESS Professional License
  • Areas of Expertise: PPP/Public Procurement, Finance and Accounting
  • Contact :
Team member

Zineb Belghiti