"KitCoop" management software

With the aim of digitizing the management of small and medium-sized cooperatives, the team designed software called “KitCoop”From the management of the members and the staff of the cooperative, through the commercial and production management, to the keeping of the accounts and the edition of the summary statements, this software is a computer application of an integrated management adapted to the needs of these cooperatives.


Business Plan

At the request of our partner ODCo, we have set up a digital Business Plan model for the benefit of young investors in the field of service cooperatives.


listening center

“SOS cooperative” is a listening and advice center set up by the project team within the ENCG Agadir. The center provides cooperatives in the SM region with a toll-free number to benefit from free advice and opinions from our experts. All areas of management are supported (legal, financial, commercial, HRM, etc.).


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